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Substance Use and Impaired Driver Services

Has your family been struggling with issues related to your child's impulse control, difficulty expressing emotions, behavioral problems at home or school, difficulty making and keeping friends, depression and anxiety, overall relationship issues, or are you involved with DCYF or DJJS?  Have you tried office based therapy with little to no improvement?  Do you feel like there is no help or support out there for you and reunification isn't possible? Are you struggling with substance related issues and/or have become involved with the Court system because of them?

Don't DESPAIR--- there is a way
for things to get  better!

Home Base Collaborative Family Counseling will work with both you and your child to make a positive change within your family.  We treat children and families struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, behavioral, social, and emotional issues, trauma, attachment, and involvement in the foster care system. Our community-based Therapists and Parent Educators will give your family the skills and tools you need to be happier and healthier- and move forward with reunification! Priority is given to referrals made by DCYF Child Protective Social Workers for Parenting Education/ Supervised Visitation and IHBT & ISO level mental health services.

We also have a whole team of substance informed practitioners to help you address issues related to impaired driver violations, and the impact substance use is having on your life. We are an IDCMP and IDSP approved provider. 

 Call or e-mail us today- 603-998-5186, kcallahan@homebasenh.org- DCYF Referral 

 Impaired Driver/Substance Use Services
603-402-9357, IDCMP@homebasenh.org
Disclaimer: If a client is physically disabled and any of our office locations are unable to provide the proper accommodations to assist that client (i.e handicap entrance/bathroom/etc), we will conduct the scheduled appointment in the clients home or other location agreed upon by the agency and the client at no additional cost to the client.