Our Senior Team
Executive Co-Directors
Denis Callahan, LICSW and Karis Callahan, LICSW

                Director of Daily Operations
                                                Karis Callahan, LICSW                                           

Clinical Director
Denis Callahan, LICSW

Director of Substance Use Services
Dawna Jones, LCMHC, MLADC

District Supervisors
Keene District Manager- Betty Paulin, MS
Concord District Manager- Missy Long, M.Ed
Rochester HBT/ISO Supervisor- Terrie Lemay
Rochester PE Program Manager - Faith Williams
Nashua/Manchester HBT/ISO Supervisor- Jenny King, MSW
Nashua/Manchester PE Program Manager- Joanne O'Donnell, RN (Parent Educators)

Daily Operations Manager
Shannon Rooney, BS

Master and Bachelor level In-Home Therapists, Community Support Workers,
and Parent Educators on staff.