Therapeutic Services
Individual & Family Therapy
***Traditional out-patient weekly therapy provided IN HOME***
Our out of the box approach meets children and families where most problems occur, in their own home. This normalized approach allows children to connect in more realistic ways with their therapist, resulting in quicker and more long lasting changes.  Our in-home approach is best suited for children and families dealing with emotional and behavioral difficulties. We teach parents and children new skills to address the difficulties which are creating conflict within the home.  
We target depression, anxiety, mood disorders, reactive-attachment disorder, impulse control issues, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, adoption and trauma histories, disruptive and 'acting out' behaviors, difficulty following directions, routines, meeting family expectations, parent-child relationship issues, and executive-functioning difficulties.

DCYF and JPPO Funded Services
  • Parent Educator (CHA)- psycho-educational parenting intervention including supported parenting time, i.e. supervised visitation, to assist parents in building skills, and removing barriers, in order to achieve REUNIFICATION.
  • Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT)- community based mental health treatment targeting families complex needs.
  • Intensive Service Option (ISO)- short-term family level mental health service designed to meet each family's individual, multi-level, needs.  ISO includes planed respite as needed. 
 *Speak with your CPSW or Probation Officer to inquire about intensive in-home services.