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Mental Health, Behavioral Intervention, & Educational Advocacy

Has your family been struggling with issues related to your child's impulse control, difficulty expressing emotions, behavioral problems at home or school, difficulty making and keeping friends, depression and anxiety, or overall relationship issues?  Have you tried office based therapy with little to no improvement?  Do you feel like there is no help or support out there for you?

Don't DESPAIR--- there is a way
for things to get  better!

Home Base Collaborative Family Counseling can come into your home, and with both you and your child make a positive change within your family.  We treat children struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, and behavioral, social, and emotional issues. Our home-based Therapists will give your family the skills and tools you need to be happier and healthier!!!

 Call us today- 603-998-5186-and see how
 we can help your family SUCCEED!